Case Study


The Prosperity Point community has 2 pool locations within their development. Both locations have a pool and spa with the pools being approximately 36,000 gallons and the spas just under 2,000 gallons. The existing heating system was a propane gas heating system and their annual heating conservatively spending:

  • $30,000 annually for Propane Gas delivered
  • $ 5,000 annually for Heater Repairs and Maintenance

Note: Copper from gas heaters was staining pools and spas green

Prosperity Point – East

Geothermal Innovations - ProperityPoint--East

Prosperity Point – West

Geothermal Innovations - ProperityPoint--East

Return on Investment

Annual Propane Price Increases were derived from 20 year historical records at

Geothermal Innovations - Lease Agreement
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Geothermal Innovations - Purchase Agreement
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Site Trip

Upon the site trip evaluation, it was clear that space for the install was limited, but manageable. Our assessment of the existing electrical showed that there was ample power available on-site for each installation.
Each system was designed and sized to meet the requirements:

  • Source water flow rate for pool heaters of 75 gpm
  • Pool water flow rate for pool heaters of 150 gpm
  • The assembly was prewired with 125 amp panel
  • Low profile so final height is below top of fence

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Design & Build

Our installations are NOT built on site, as our competitors do, but at our shop whereby we weld an aluminum rack designed to meet your installation.

The plumbing is configured and drawn to aid in the construction and final site installation.

Installation Testing & Turnover

Each rack was positioned and fitted for pool and lake pumps prior to setting rack footers in cement.

Should You Lease or Purchase?

We Make Acquiring your Geothermal System … Simple!

We know one-size doesn't fit all, but we are committed to helping our clients save money and help the environment.  Which option is right for you? Don't forget to ask about our 5 year "Bumper to Bumper Warranty!"

Purchase your Geothermal Heating System

  • Breakeven on the installed heating system within 24 to 36 months
  • Community ownership and control of the geothermal heating system
  • First five years produce a 30% to 40% reduction in heating costs

Lease-to-Purchase your Geothermal Heating System

  • No “out-of-pocket" investment - costs are rolled into a monthly payment
  • Pay for your heating system out of your current heating budget
  • 10% buyout at term end and Community owns heating system

Rent your Geothermal Heating System

  • No “out-of-pocket investment - costs are rolled into a monthly payment
  • All repairs and maintenance are included in the Rental Agreement
  • 60% average reduction in heating costs over the life of the system

Ready to Save Money AND Help the Environment?