Geothermal Pool & Spa Heating

SMARTER for the planet. SMARTER for your budget.

Our team has been in the pool industry for over 30 years and have served hundreds of customers throughout Florida.

Our years of industry experience has given us a unique perspective on the various pool heating options. What’s our conclusion? Hands down, Geothermal heating offers the best return on investment by leveraging renewable energy sources – saving our clients money and saving over 20 billion gallons of fuel over the next 50 years!


We all know we should do our part to conserve, but as individuals we feel powerless to make any kind of real impact. Commercial swimming pools & spas in Florida consume over 400 million gallons of propane gas each year to maintain their temperatures. That’s over a billion dollars annually for fuel.

Geothermal heating is a very “green” way to conserve our fossil fuel consumption as it is 6x more cost effective then heating with gas. It produces no ill effects to the environment as the water is never exposed to any conditions above ground. It is literally “FREE” heat!

10 Questions You Should be Asking your Pool/Spa Vendor

    We’re Proud to Partner with the Industry Leader, AquaCal®

    For over 30 years, AquaCal has been committed to quality products and they stand behind those products.  This is why we are proud to partner with them in bringing you the best possible pool and spa heating solutions.  They are the leader in the industry and have more pool and spa heat pumps installed than any competitor.

    They are committed to quality and all their units are 100% tested before leaving the factory. Their state of the art Research and Development facility, and full-staff Engineering department is an assurance that the AquaCal products will perform as designed – Guaranteed!

    Ready to Save Money AND Help the Environment?